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The system begins with a Zone Foundational program. We have various versions of the program which are tailored to the focus of our audience (Management, Sales, Customer Service, franchise groups, independent contractors, or a general employee programs are all available). They cover the same concepts, but from the perspective of the particular group we are in front of.
Our goal, if you hire us for nothing more than a one-time training engagement, will not only be to fire-up and inspire your team, but to subtly change the internal language of your office and by doing so, improve the efficiency of the communication that takes place there. We provide real world tools that everyone can use to identify drama as it begins and stop it before productivity can be diminished. We call it “common language”. Your organization already has a common language that everyone speaks. Through our training, we will integrate a few additional key words and phrases which, when spoken, will help everyone identify the potential for drama, and find a way to stay productive while solving the issue.

The Zone Foundations Program Includes:

  • Natural Gifts of Management
  • Red, Yellow, Blue and Green Zones
  • Establishing a Drama-Free environment
  • Power Plays and Response
  • Karpman’s Drama Triangle
  • Graduate from a Day Care to an Adult Learning Center
  • Leadership Development
  • Levels of Trust & Accountability
  • Steal a Page from Someone Else’s Playbook
  • Color Code Your Schedule

After the foundation program, we offer several reinforcement programs which allow for a “deeper dive” into the system:

Zone Reinforcement Programs:

Workshop 1: Never Let your Style Get in the Way of Your Success! – This program is designed to reinforce the different styles and adjustment to fit the situation or style of employees, staff, students etc.

Workshop 2: Profit is not a Four Letter Word. – This program is designed to get your staff the basic understanding of how a business works and that each team member’s contributions count. Help staff to see what Baseline expectations look like and how to get accountable to delivering a Brass Ring performance.

Workshop 3: Moving from a Daycare to an Adult Conversation! – If drama continues to surface, this workshop will be an excellent reinforcement to the Zone. The Adult conversation we teach gives staff a practical method for communicating in a way that gets results and minimized the after flare.

Workshop 4: Time in the Zone – The workshop gives your staff the Foundation for coloring their schedule. Know what needs to be cut, delegated, postponed or continued by applying the Zone principles to time. An excellent tool in this economy where every minute counts!