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  • Do you ever feel like you are running or working in a DAYCARE?
  • Is Drama killing the productivity of your managers,
    employees and customers?
  • Do you desire your employees to demonstrate more
  • Does your company or team lack Accountability?
  • Zone Insights has created a technology designed
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What is the cost of drama to your business?
  • Avg. Salary:
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  • Result
  • $175,000

With most companies, PRODUCTIVITY is in high demand. The problem is there are three things that continue to plague and attack the PRODUCTIVITY of your employees, managers and customers.

  1. Drama - Inappropriate behavior that seems to lurk around every corner.
  2. Lack of Leadership - Getting your people to see themselves as leaders and take personal responsibility for the results expected of them.
  3. Lack of Accountability - Helping your employees understand how a business works, what their contribution means to the company and how to create systems that deliver RESULTS.

In 2008, CPP, Inc (a global leader in organizational development) published a study on workplace conflict. They found that, on average, 36% of US employees were having to deal with conflict "always or frequently", resulting in an average of 2.8 hours of their work week managing the fallout from workplace conflict. That equated to $359 billion of lost productivity in 2008. They concluded, "If managed improperly, businesses' productivity, operational effectiveness, and morale take a major hit as evidenced in our finding that 27% of employees have witnessed conflict morph into a personal attack, while 25% say that the avoidance of conflict resulted in sickness or absence from work." Furthermore, the study found that the primary cause of workplace conflict was "personality clashes and warring egos." How much does conflict or drama impact your company? While this study does not take the size of the business into account, it is our belief that there is a larger impact on smaller businesses. But, assuming average numbers take a second to calculate the impact of drama on your bottom line... Are you surprised with the result? Are you average, or is the cost really higher in your business? Could that wasted money be better utilized elsewhere - like in your pocket?

Despite the huge drain on productivity, the study found that only 13% of employees have received some sort of formal training in how to deal with or avoid conflict and drama. We can help with that.

Please take the time to download our e-book called "CONNECT". It will give you a high-level overview of what Zone Insights is all about and detail some of the results we have seen through the use of this system. Then, explore some of our Zone Foundation Program on the next page. It is the starting point for any organization which would like to improve the productivity of its workforce.

One final though. Many organizations (including the cited CPP study) focus on "Conflict" and how to resolve it. We prefer to focus on the impact that "drama" has on an organization. In our opinion, "conflict" occurs between two or more people at a moment in time. However, the drama pervades the organization as each participant recounts his version of the conflict over and over. The Zone system empowers employees to have productive interactions up front, but then gives them the tools to recognize and eliminate dramatic fallout before it spreads to other parts of the organization.